Promoting existence of God for all Abrahamic religions.
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Did you know Torah (Judaism), Bible (Christianity), Veda (Hinduism) and Tripitaka (Buddhism) tells you to seek the truth:
"Distance yourself from a false matter"-- Exodus 23:7
"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”-- John 8:32 (NIV)
"Truth can not be suppressed and always is the ultimate victor."  -the Yajur Veda
"Happy is the solitude of him who is full of joy, who has learnt the Truthwho 
         sees (the Truth)" -the Tripitaka
Did you know Albert Einstein wrote in his letter to philosopher Eric Gutkind:
              "Science without Religion Is Lame, Religion without Science Is Blind"
Did you know Darwin confessed in his "On the Origin of Specie":
"There is another and allied difficulty, which is much more serious. I allude to the manner in which many species in several of the main divisions of the animal kingdom suddenly appear in the lowest known fossiliferous rocks"

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Originally started out in 1998 to meet the demand for authentic faith based English representation of a broad ethnic population living throughout America -Taken from "About us" section.

Huda TV 

As Muslims struggle to understand Islam and practice it in today’s modern environment, Huda is a light that shines, illuminating the way; clarifying complicated issues, motivating and inspiring the hearts and continually reminding our viewers to turn to Almighty Allah, seeking His mercy and guidance in every aspect of life- Taken from "About us" section

Peace TV

Peace TV broadcasts ‘Free to Air’ state-of-the-art television programmes in English and Urdu - From "About us"

Harun Yahya English Documentaries 

A collection of documentaries dealing with Atheism

Cordoba TV (Espanol)

Canal Córdoba Internacional es un canal temático con espacio para la cultura, la información, los niños, la religión o la ciencia, dirigido a todo el mundo hispanohablante y hecho dsde una perspectiva islámica, que transciende los límites del ámbito religioso para dar a conocer a los musulmanes y al Islam en su dimensión social más amplia.


AHAD TV Islamic Channel is the first, one and only Islamic Channel launched in New York, USA and in the world, catering in multi languages, English, Urdu and Bangla. The mission of AHAD TV is to present pure Islamic educational programs from Quran and Sahih Hadith and is not a part of any sect group or any particular Madhhab except the pure teachings of Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

The End Series - by Billal Assad (YouTube)

A series about the beginning of time to beyond the hereafter. Know how it all begins, know all the signs,. Know what will really happen. Hear it all through the END SERIES of lectures only at Zakaria Productions.
Over 23 lectures done by ZAKARIA PRODUCTIONS.


Serving the Muslim Community and Non-Muslim Community by establishing tolerance and better understanding among different faiths and cultures.